Ghana’s Education System at the Verge of Collapsing


The younger generation is in dire confusion not knowing what changes would be made in the education system which for sure will affect their future.
The education system in Ghana has

rather shuttered many dreams as pupils go to school not knowing what exactly to expect in terms of number of years to spend in school and the courses to read especially in basic and secondary levels. According to the Education Act 778, a legal product of National Education Reform (2007), the second – cycle education should be 4 years but it was reverted to three years in 2009 as the government of the day had lost to another which came with its new policies.

Where there is no vision, the people perish :(Proverbs 29:18). Ghana’s Education system is certainly experiencing changes in its curriculum due to change in government. The change is likely not to be permanent as another government can come to power with its policies and changes are bound to occur in the education sector. Can you call what you expect to be vision a vision when it does lead to nowhere?

Ghana’s education needs policies which will be strong enough to stand without been changed every four years as new government comes into power. The electoral commission for example which conducts election every four years is not as greatly influenced by changes in political power as the Ghana education system which presents to the public thousands of graduates every other year.

By: Lucky Agbesievor

Communication Student Africa University  College Of Comminucatoin


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