6 Contracts Awarded For Footbridges


The Roads and Highways Minister has revealed six contracts have been awarded to different companies to fast-track the construction of each of the six footbridges on the N4 highway

6 Contracts Awarded For Footbridges

Kwasi Amoako-Atta revealed this on Friday after he visited the Madina-Adentan stretch of the highway where a young lady was knocked down and killed by a commercial vehicle sparked violent protests.

Mirriam Kassim became the 194th person to die this year while crossing the dangerous road.

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The 7KM road does not have a single footbridge to aid pedestrians who want to cross the streets, road markings have faded and some traffic lights do not work.

Residents many of whom live close to the freeway get knocked down by speeding vehicles.

Concrete works that signal the construction of these six footbridges remains uncompleted many years after the completion of the road.

However, a joint statement by the Ministry of Road and Highway and Ministry of Transport stated that the construction of the footbridges would be purposively accelerated ensure quick competition.

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That statement was released after residents staged a furious protest against the deaths on the road following Mirriam’s tragic death.

“Six different contractors are going to move in to work on these bridges. Each contractor will tackle one footbridge because time is of the essence now.

“But within three months, maximum four months, by the end of February, all these footbridges would be in place,” Amoako-Atta told journalists when he visited the scene of Thursday’s tragic knockdown.

Read the joint press release from the Transport and Roads and Highways ministries.

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