Operationalize Abandoned Bogoso Abattoir Residents And Butchers Appeal To MP And MCE



There is a source of worry to consumers of meat in Bogoso in the Prestea Huni-valley municipality where most of the cattles in the municipality are slaughtered and packaged for markets; this is due to the disgraceful state of the abattoir.

Butchers are heartbroken over the disgraceful state of the slaughter house and have consistently been calling on the MP and MCE to come to their aid. The sanitation situation in the place is not anything to write home about.

Residents have called on the Member of Parliament and the MCE to immediately operationalize the New Bogoso Abattoir which remains closed.

According to a resident who spoke to myafricatoday.com, although the new abattoir is close, they travel to Prestea or Tarkwa to slaughter their cattles, he also complained about the huge cost they endure when transporting their animals to Tarkwa and Prestea for slaughtering.

“It is a problem for us since the new abattoir is not in operation, only a few butchers and individuals can afford the cost not everyone. So we are pleading on the government to operationalize this facility for us”.

The abattoir which was constructed four years ago by the municipal assembly with funding from the Minerals Development Fund has been abandoned.

The Prestea Huni-valley municipal environmental health Officer Mr. Isaac Torxe, in an interview with Modern Ghana confirmed a series of meetings being held by the parties to get the problem resolved and he said the abattoir would be operational very soon.

“We are putting some finishes touches inside of the facility. We plan to do that by the end of this year, but looking at things, by the middle of next year, we can open it for the butchers and community to use. The money that we have to spend on what we are doing is about GHc40,000” he added.


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