Vaccination: Health workers lament inaccessible villages


Health workers have complained about the difficulty they face in accessing many villages in the country to vaccinate children.

According to Joy News’ Justice Baidoo, many children have been left out of the just ended vaccination against childhood killer disease, measles, because health workers could not travel to some villages.

Moses Danke, one of the nurses assigned to some of the hard-to-reach villages stated that “the Ghana Health Service does not have an engine boat to take health workers to island communities. We spend about 5 hours on the river to get to Etsii (in the Eastern Region) and there are about five more communities we need to get to, to vaccinate other children.”

The nurse explained that there is not enough time to get to the other island communities thus the children there may not be vaccinated.

According to Justice Baidoo, the boat that goes to Etsii travels once a day thus restricting the movement of health workers and the residents.

Also, according to some of the residents, it is dangerous to travel on the Volta Lake, especially when the waves are high to vaccinate the children.

The residents concede that the health workers have to risk their lives every day.

Bless Nkyie, a resident, told Joy News that “I am glad my child has been vaccinated because it is very difficult for the nurses to visit us”.

She added that the community does not have a health centre which makes it harder for people to access health care.

Source: myjoyonline 


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