Four(4) Ways To Handle a Jealous Partner


If your partner is turning green with jealousy lately, here are four ways to help you keep your partner.

1. Don’t pretend in your doing: in your daily activities or whatever, be yourself, don’t try to pretend so as to make things appear pleasant to your partner which in actual fact you are not.

2. Make your partner active part of your activities: try to involve the person into your daily activities thus ask him or her questions that concerns his/her work. If there’s any challenge that you are facing at your work place share it with your partner maybe he or she might be of help never distance yourself from the person in the terms of difficulties.

3.Spend time with the person regardless of your busy schedules: do check up on your partner consistently to make him/her not to forget you and also to make him/her feel cared for. Invite him for a launch and many more by so doing you are creating some sort of trust along.

4.Most importantly, be honest : never hide or say anything that you know is not true to your partner because when he or she finds out, it would be a different story altogether so just be honest and be yourself.

By: Lucky Agbesievor
Blogger: at
Communications Student of Africa University College of Communication (AUCC) Accra.


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