Groom dies en route to wedding reception


Two families in Accra hoping to cap a good weekend with the marriage ceremony of their children, ended up experiencing their saddest moments ever, after the groom died from a crash on their way to the wedding reception in Accra.

Janatil Firdawl Yakubu became a widow the same day she became a bride on Sunday, September 30, 2018. She lost her husband Disu Kamaru barely an hour after she was to begin a new phase of her life.

Posts on social media suggest that the newlyweds were on their way to the Africana Guest House near the Atomic Roundabout for their party, when another vehicle crashed into theirs at Madina, Accra.

But a family source has denied that account. According to the source, the groom, who was driving the vehicle crashed into a tree and died shortly after friends rushed him to the hospital.

This happened shortly after Islamic Clerics had performed the necessary rights somewhere in Adentan, to officially pronounce them “husband and wife”. The bride-turned-widow is in critical condition, other accounts said.

Grief-stricken friends and family turned the reception ground into an arena of mourning. The misfortune they say, is unheard of. A family source has told Joy News’ Maxwell Agbagba the deceased will be buried later Monday, October 1, 2018.

Kamaru Disu, a former student of St. John’s Grammar School, was the Dining Hall Prefect for 2004/2005 Academic year. He was known as Kamal.

The last time he posted on Facebook, he preached about forgiveness.