We are not married because of our bad roads – Amoma women lament


We have attained the ages of marriage but suitors are not coming after our hands in marriage because of the deplorable state of the roads. They claim that each time they are coming to this community for visits, they get attacked by armed robbers”, these are the exact frustrating comment shared by women of Amoma, a notable farming community located at Kintampo South district in the Brong Ahafo.

According to them, the bad nature of the road is making it impossible for men to come to the community and propose marriage to them for fear of being attacked by criminals who are taking advantage of the deplorable state of the road.

They indicate that they voted for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) at the last election but have been neglected because there are not frantic efforts by the assembly to have the road fixed.

“Look at a very pretty lady like me if I marry will it be bad? Because of the road vehicles cannot come here. When our husbands to come here they go back and never return. Our husbands to be are being robbed and we are stacked here without husbands. We are pleading with the government to fix the road or no one should come here for campaigns either NDC or NPP”, one of the revealed to Yawson Duah a local journalist.

Continuing she said “We are very pretty ladies in this village but our road is depriving us marriages and the earlier government comes to our aid the better for us because we are suffering. We are at the mercy of armed robbers”

The women have vowed to lead a demonstration against the government if it fails to address their concerns before the next polls.

Source:my news GH.com


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