Police officer arrested for beating up woman with baby


The police officer on guard duty widely condemned for assaulting a woman at the Midland Savings and Loans has been arrested.

The officer, identified as Frederick Amanor, is seen in a video striking the woman, who was holding her baby, multiple times on the head, first with an umbrella, and then with his fists.

He also attempted to violently drag her out of the building.

Frederick Amanor is expected to be detained.

The Director of Police Public Affairs, DSP Sheila Buckman, had told Myafricatoday.com the police had started processes to identify and punish him.

Social media was rife with outrage when video of the incident went viral on social media.

The management of Midland Savings and Loans has since condemned the assault.

It assured that necessary action will be taken to ensure that the victim gets justice.

Though what sparked the confrontation is unclear, a lot of the people reacting to the incident insist that the action of the police officer was totally unjustified.



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