The civil strife caused by incessant acts of terrorism in Somalia has put socio-economic activities in the country in real quandary. Although local leaders described it as discriminatory, the authorities have redeployed teachers working along the-Somalia border to perceived safer grounds.
Teachers from the affected areas – Hulugho, Fafi, Ijara, and Dadaab – were redeployed by the Teachers’ Service Commission, TSC, following recent terror attacks targetting non-locals. The local leaders led by National Assembly Majority leader, Aden Duale, condemned the TSC’s redeployment decision, saying that every child has a right to education.
More teachers have also been transferred from Wajir and Mandera following the killing of two teachers in Qarsa Primary in Wajir county by the terrorist group, al-Shabaab two weeks ago.
One local teacher who preferred to remain anonymous told newsmen on Wednesday that, “The TSC has sent us to Hulugho since non-local teachers were transferred from those schools. Don’t we have the same right to safety as those teachers transferred from insecure areas? We are not immune to attacks.”
The teachers complain that they work under harsh conditions with little pay and sending them to insecure areas is double punishment.
But the situation creates a harrowing experience for Somalia’s neighbor, Kenya. The Kenyan Secondary School Heads Association, Garissa chapter head, Khalif Issack, has called for urgent help to save the schools along the border with Somalia from being closed down.
Mr. Isaack says that in order to avert the exodus of non-local teachers from the region, the county should sponsor local students to pursue P1 teaching courses. In his view, the Garissa county may have to employ auxiliary teachers who could be trained later.

Source Myafricatoday.com


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