Deportation:I have a ticket, Miguna says ahead of his return to Kenya on Monday


SElf-proclaimed NRMKe General Miguna Miguna has announced that he will return to Kenya on Monday.

Miguna told BBC in an interview on Friday that he has already secured an air ticket for the March 26 trip to Nairobi.

The lawyer was deported to Canada on February 6 after the government stripped him of his citizenship.

This followed his role in the swearing-in of opposition leader Raila Odinga as “the people’s president”.

Upon his return, the lawyer said he will “lead the mother of all struggles” adding that his aim is to remove President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto from office.

Miguna maintained that he was abducted by police against the law adding that his detention was in violation of seven court orders.

“I was forcefully removed from Kenya. That was not a deportation. There was no deportation order. This was an arbitrary, whimsical, dictatorial fiat by a despotic regime,” he said.

The NRMKe leader further held that he remains a Kenyan citizen since the court revoked all the decisions made by the government to the effect of his expulsion from the country.

“I am still a Kenyan citizen and you cannot take that away from me…and the court told them (the Executive) that,” he added.

Miguna further took issue with the abuse of court orders regarding his passport saying the instruction was not a request to the government but a duty they must comply with.

“The court ordered that because my removal was illegal, the government has a duty to return me at public cost…the court said they must bring me back.”

“They bought me a ticket that I did not request and took me to Canada against my will. They have not honoured the court order requiring them to have me brought back…It is a violation of my rights and of court orders,” Miguna said.

The lawyer’s Kenyan passport was presented in court as ordered but was defaced rendering it unusable.

Miguna further dismissed claims that he is against the meeting between Uhuru and Nasa leader Raila Odinga saying what the coalition wanted was a structured dialogue between the two sides.

The lawyer further said the talks they were bidding for were to focus on issues that affect Kenyans as well as explore issues around electoral justice.

“I did not say that a handshake constituted a structured discussion…Raila represents a political coalition called Nasa and needed to engage Nasa not as a person but as a leader of an organisation.”

“He [Raila] did not consult Nasa as an institution, people like me and others that represented various interest and issues…He did not consult Kenyans that voted for him and the victims of post-election violence,” Miguna added.

He said the ODM leader did not do a transparent and public participation that is required by the Constitution.

“It was a private meeting between two people,” Miguna said further raising concerns that there is a hue and cry from the majority of Nasa supporters over the move.

The lawyer said Raila’s move has not been endorsed by Nasa as a coalition but by ODM adding that the visits to Kisumu to popularise the deal is “like climbing the tree from the top”.

Miguna is in the UK for what he says is a part of a global mobilisation and recruitment tour.



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